Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fort Worth Bead Market this weekend!

Just a reminder to all of my friends that this weekend is the Fort Worth Bead Market at Amon Carter in Fort Worth. I will have a booth out there along with Donna Johnson of Dancing Light Jewelry. Donna Felkner of CG Beads will also have a booth. We will be selling our lampwork beads and some finished jewelry. I also have loads of those beautiful hand dyed silk cords. They are perfect to hang my new large hole sterling lined beads or maybe some other cool bead you find at the show. Come by and I can hang your bead on a cord a make you an adjustable length necklace. I also have lots of new focal sets sets with matching spacers and new Pandora style silver lined beads. Perfect for that Biagi, Pandora or Troll style bracelet. Your friends will be jealous when you hang these one of a kind, handmade artisan beads on your bracelet.

Please come by my booth to say hello! I hope to see some old faces this weekend.

Sacred Art Beads

Friday, February 6, 2009

What an exciting new year!

Last year was a hard one physically for me. All is better and can only get better. I have several new bead shows in Texas this year. Boy have I been cranking out the beads! I was elected Treasurer/ Blogger for the Grapevine Beadmakers' Society and I have a very inspiring part time job as bookkeeper for Wubbers. Any jewelry maker or wire wrapper is familiar with that name. They are really just the best jewelry and wire working tools around. They are based in Southlake Texas at Wired Up Beads. Working with both Patti Bullard and Trudy Jauquet is truly motivating. I always make sure to make their open studio day on Wednesday afternoon. Patti is the most creative person I have ever met and is so generous with her knowledge. I have been making loads of sterling cored, Pandora style beads lately. I love the look and the larger ones make really nice pendants. Yes, my beads are still very organic. I'll post some new pics soon.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Been gone awhile.

Hey everyone. I have missed posting, missed posting pics and mostly missed torching. It's been a rough couple of months but I am back on the road to recovery. My beautiful grandson, Cayden, is a little rough to play with. He's a cutie and very sweet but recently had to change babysitters because he was too rough with the little ones. He is not even two but it seems he will be happier with older children. Anyway, while sitting in my lap one day he leaned back and hit me in the face with his hard little head. He gave me a black eye and knocked one of my front teeth loose. Three thousand dollars and an implant and bone graph that will take six months to heal. Here's a pic of my hard headed little cutie.

How can you be mad at such a cute face? That pic is from his swim school graduation. That is something I would recommend to anyone with a pool and small children. He can roll over on his back then swim to the side to get out if he falls in. Please email me if you want the number for his swim teacher. She was wonderful.

Then I had cataract surgery in my right eye. It wasn't too bad and now I don't have to wear contacts anymore. That is great! But, then last month I had a retinal tear in the same eye. That surgery was a huge deal. It has been a painful month of healing. The pain is finally gone and I have another month of healing to get all my vision back. Yesterday was the first day I have been able to drive. My poor dh, Marrk, has been driving me a month to do everything.

Then, geez, I had another tooth break and I had to have a root canal. I need another implant but can't have that surgery yet until my eye heals, hopefully in another month. Things can only get better and Marrk says what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger. My temporary bridge broke yesterday. What the hell, what's one more thing. I'm not crying anymore. I just laughed. So tomorrow I will try to make the long trip to the dentist by myself to get it fixed.

Today I WILL torch. Thanks to everyone that went to the Fort Worth Bead Show to visit us. I couldn't make it because of my health issues but I want to thank my daughters Ryan and Whitney for manning my booth and my friend Donna for helping them.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Show!

Thank you to all my new friends from this last weekend who made my first bead show such a wonderful success! I really appreciate the wonderful feedback on my work and can't tell you all how much that meant to me. I enjoyed meeting and talking beads and jewelry with all of you. Now with my first show behind me I will have time to post more new work on my site for sale. Thanks too to my friend Donna Johnson (www.dancinglightjewelry.com) for her wonderful encouragement and persistance in getting me to try my first show. Please come by to visit us again in November at the Fort Worth Bead Show. Thanks to my new friend, and fantastic bead artist, Ginny Hampton (www.ginnovations.com) for her kind words and encouragement. Also, a BIG thank you to my daughter Ryan for helping me through the pre show jitters and helping out at the show.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just a reminder!

The Dallas/ Fort Worth Bead Show is this weekend! Come by and visit our booth. I'll be working 2-6 on Friday the 16th. Come by and say hi!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Grapevine Renaissance Bead Festival

Number one, geez, I can't believe it's been over a month since I blogged (is that a word?). I am trying to get ready for my first show! It's months away but since I usually sell everything I make I have NO inventory. Well now I do. I have tons of hand dyed silk cords. I have made some of those into adjustable necklaces for focals. I have a bunch of bead sets and a few focals. Also, some Pandora beads! So if you have missed me on Ebay, that's what I have been doing.

Number two! The Dallas/ Fort Worth Bead Renaissance Show is coming up in Grapevine Texas on May 16th-18th and the Grapevine Beadmakers’ will have a booth there all weekend. Our members are from the Dallas/ Forth Worth Metroplex and we would love to meet other lampworkers from the area. Come by and visit to find out a little more about us and get information about upcoming meetings. We will be having a little informal gathering at the restaurant located inside Stacy’s Furniture in Grapevine after the show on Saturday the 17th at 6:30. Here are the links for more information and directions to the restaurant.

The Dallas/ Fort Worth Bead Renaissance Show

Stacy's Furniture - Grapevine

Email me if you have any questions. Come by and say hi. We would love to meet you!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

So where have I been?

You know where I have been? I did a bead show! It was exhausting and fun. I actually was just helping my friend Donna (Dancing Light Jewelry) with her booth. She makes wonderful fused dicro pendants and cabs. I have had no experience with shows and she was showing me the ropes. I have no idea what happened next. The next thing I knew I was committing to do the Dallas Bead Show in September. I need inventory, I need displays, I need....... You know the list is long, lol. It has been another "growth" experience for me.

I still have some silk cords left guys! Not lots and I am out of a couple of colors. I will be making more soon so check back to my site Sacred Art Beads

Pandora Beads! I will be making Pandora or Troll style beads soon. Well I actually make the unlined beads now. I am working on coring these with sterling silver. Ooooh shiny! Are you looking for something special or maybe a certain color? Email me. Do you want to make your own lampwork Pandora beads. Check my site for 5/32" mandrels. They are perfect for making unlined beads for your bracelet.

Happy Beading!